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SyddeMar 25, 11:50 PM[QUOTE=CaoCao;12258425]Prove why I should be denied the right to copulate in public/QUOTE]
Because it is basically unsanitary. Similar to urinating on the sidewalk (urine is sterile upon exiting the body, but it does not stay that way very long).

to Osama bin Laden 39 s death. Osama Bin Laden 39 s dead.
Osama Bin Laden 39 s dead.

ksegelNov 10, 07:07 PMI agree that it is mostly AT&T, don't get me wrong I love my iphone 3gs, but i have heard that there were issues for many people who were using 3gs and upgraded their phones, some had more dropped calls (which i seem to be having) and some had more serious problems.

I would love to get a I phone 4 and I'd love it if half the people who were using Iphones were on verizon so AT&T may actually be able to handle the usage on its network.

It is the fault of AT&T, not the iPhone. Every call I make gets dropped. It makes no difference if I use my iPhone 4 or my LG phone.

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To Osama Bin Laden 39 s Death.

carfacSep 12, 06:55 PMThe iTV is a winner for these reasons:
1) It does stream HD content -- Just because the iTunes content is NOT HD (it is near DVD) does not mean the DEVICE is not capable. In fact it uses the HDMI connector (as well as S and componet video) and the built in wireless AND gigabit ethernet insure the bandwidth is there for future HD content.

OK, I will grant this- but the software is (NOT YET) HD. Suppose it will be, though. But the TIVO is also HD, so the point is mute

2) The iTV defeats TIVO in NOT NEEDING a Hard Drive. The PC or MAC Desktop BECOMES the Media Server.

And you see this as an advantage??? I do not have much HD space left, so I must buy ANOTHER box for that, too? No, I want it all in one. Point TIVO

3) Tuners: Numerous Third Solutions (elgato for example) exist right now to capture High Def video to the Mac and PC -- the stream is pauseable.

ANOTHER Flipping Box for me to add??? So I have iTV, a Mac, Another HD, and now this???? Vs. a TIVO box. Yeah, no brainer here! Tivo Point

4) HD DVD -- With Blue Ray forthcoming, the Mac can still add DVD content to iTunes and then stream to iTV.

Look at the box- no room for an optivcal drive. So, add one to my mac, or add another flipping box. On top of whick, do you REALLY think the studios are going to let something out that will easily go to a disk? No Point.

5) Multiple Streams/Multiple TVs -- iTV beats Tivo in that you can use multiple iTV's connected to a powerful desktop to service multiple monitors using the Front Row Interface.

You have never set up a Tivo, have you? No Point.

6) The platform to expand: Apple's resources are superior to Tivo's and they will evolve beyond Tivo in the coming 2 years

This is an arguement with no basis. Why, because you say so? Because you are an Apple Fan Boy, and apple can do no wrong?

The thing is, I do not want 500 boxes in my living room, and 400 remotes to control all the different aspects of it. I want something all in one box, that works without me having to add something.

This MAY be an option for techno-nerds and such, but it is by no means a Tivo Killer- it does not even compare.


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Osama bin Laden 39 s death on.

notabadnameApr 20, 05:40 PMLargest App store . . .

Interesting and "generic" use by Apple execs. This could be used against them, as compared to saying that our "App Store" is the largest of any of the available applications stores. Subtle, but significant.

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via Osama Bin Laden 39 s Death

AlaerianApr 11, 11:03 AMThe only real advantage, aside from aesthetics, macs have over PC is more user friendly video/music editing. Speaking from experience here,
you can do the same on a PC, but it's slightly more difficult.

Unless you're buying some old/bad brand, a PC will normally give you greater hardware capabilities and you can always dual boot or just only use the Mac OS.

Of course, it's speaking about games, but that also doubles as video/music editing capability.

seriously, stop spreading crap like this. You make it plainly obvious that you have never actually used a mac. Or, that you're a 20-something kid who values your precious soul-sucking video games above all else.

I'm sorry if YOU can't see any value in a mac - you aren't looking very hard. Try loading OSX on your pc. Go ahead. I'll wait. Oh, make sure it is full functionality too. I want gestures, I want full printing and network support, everything. You say you have it? Prove it. Give me screen shots, video with audio, etc.

I'm sorry, but I loathe posts like yours. If you are so anti-mac, then good for you. Enjoy your world, but stay the hell out of ours.

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Osama Bin Laden 39 s dead.

NathanMuirMar 25, 06:08 PMI'm far from the first or only person who has deviated from the original topic. You can either move with the discussion, or virtually everything from page 2 on is off-topic. For those of you playing at home, the goalposts have now been moved from hatred to violence to violence specifically from a catholic source to violence specifically from a "real" catholic.

Despite your disregard for the pretext of civility, my source was wikipedia, which I did in fact cite in post #27. I'll thank you not to make unfounded accusations.

This coming from a person who just very selectively quoted parts of my statement. I guess I shall assume the other 2.5 points I made were true?

The irony is so thick I might choke.

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Could Osama Bin Laden 39 s

appleguy123Apr 22, 10:00 PMI don't believe in God. To me, I haven't seen anything to convince me of his existence and it just seems way too convenient of a way to explain away difficult questions. I also don't think that religion would add anything to my life - it's just not an issue for me, I don't even think about it until asked.

I am interested in this thread, just because I am not used to people questioning my viewpoint, or even really caring about how big the atheist population is. In the UK, it just doesn't seem that the issue is that important.

Is this a bigger issue in the US, and do atheists abroad feel pressure to at least consider the idea of a God?

I'm in the U.S, and I do receive a lot of pressure! I get on average 4-5 messages a week from believers on Facebook warning me of hellfire. :-/ and I'm not even too strident in my disbelief.
Normally I just take it as a joke, but lately its been getting to me. I think that my hellfire threats are above average even for American atheists.

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Osama Bin Laden 39 s death is.

WestonHarvey1Apr 15, 11:58 AMNot so much hate as intolerance.

Since you insist on not telling the whole story I'll then do it for you.

Your quote ( above from paragraph 2358 is bracketed by:

If the Catholic Church was truly accepting, please tell why only homosexuals are called to chastity?
I am genuinely interested to hear.

ALL Catholics are called to chastity. 100% of them. It's too bad you don't know what the word means.

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Osama bin Laden 39 s death on.

GeekLawyerApr 15, 09:50 AMFewer and fewer each year.Yep, this hate is dying off. Demographics are destiny. Younger people, writ large, are not homophobic or anti-gay.

to Osama bin Laden 39 s death. Osama Bin Laden 39 s Death
Osama Bin Laden 39 s Death

dante@sisna.comOct 29, 02:44 AMI don't want to seem judgemental, but the last thing I ever plan on doing is selling my G5 Quad. I mean like I will have my G5 Quad until I DIE. Why would you do that? It runs classic. It runs Adobe native. It is pretty fast for email and word processing. ;) And it runs dead silent. It's the perfect backup for when the Mac Pro goes down. At the very least it makes for a great HDTV player and recorder with EyeTV 500 or Hybrid attached.

AMEN Multimedia!!!


I will NEVER sell my Quad G5 -- it is an AMAZING Unit. Simply awesome.

I will buy all the new Apple Mac Pro toys -- buy I will always have the Quad G5. Always. It is a legendary machine.

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to Osama Bin Laden 39 s death.

faroZ06May 2, 10:20 PMUnchecking a single box isn't justification for switching browsers. If you don't like Safari, fine. But this isn't a reason for anyone to leave Safari.

Yeah. I actually like Safari way more than anything else because of all of the features and integration with Mac OS X that Firefox and Chrome lack. Also, Chrome hogs RAM, and Firefox takes a while to start. Don't even talk about IE :rolleyes:

And for me Firefox seems MORE bloated, but I haven't really run any tests. I've tested Chrome just to respond to eMails from my friend, a Google fanboy, about Chrome being "faster". :D

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Osama Bin Laden 39 s Death.

GrooveyAug 30, 03:48 AMI think people are missing the point....

Anyway who really gives a crap what a bunch of pot smoking tree hugging hippies think.

I know I don't :cool:

Is 99 for your year of birth? It's not like there's ten of them. You've probably had too many nightmares about Woodstock.

to Osama bin Laden 39 s death. to Osama Bin Laden 39 s death.
to Osama Bin Laden 39 s death.

TangoCharlieJul 12, 06:52 AMXeon! Conroe (Core 2 Duo)is going in the iMac

No, I believe Apple will pop the Core 2 Duo Merom into the iMac. It's supposedly a drop-in replacement for the current Core Duo processor the iMac currently uses.

Additionally, the Edu-iMac won't be upgraded for a while yet, so that when the new Merom iMac _is_ released (WWDC), there will be a bigger difference between the Edu-iMac and the full iMac.

I'm _sure_ that Apple has a surpise for us wrt the Conroe /Conroe XE CPU.... a nice smallish desktop Mac (we can hope, can't we?) :cool:

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to Osama bin Laden 39 s death.

AlligatorBloodzApr 9, 08:08 PMApple are all about building integration and eco systems. Their visions of the future of consumer electronics... or post PC devices is iOS. If a family of five buys into that ecosystem they already have iPhone's, they already have iPads, they already have iPods and if they don't... they're probably going to buy one.

If you approach it with a closed mind you won't understand it. You clearly don't which is why you've reeled off the predictable reply about current cost/usage.

Sorry I have such a small brain.

Apple really messed up hiring those 2 guys with years of experience working in the gaming industry. They could have just hired you. A person who has all the answers and can see the future.

In all seriousness. I am a gamer and a consumer, and if Apple wants to make gaming a MORE serious part of there business, then I want a controller with buttons and a console or someway to stream off of the Internet.

to Osama bin Laden 39 s death. To Osama Bin Laden 39 s Death
To Osama Bin Laden 39 s Death

iJohnHenryApr 15, 11:16 AMPersonally, I think it's great. However, they should be careful.

Moves like this have the potential to alienate customers.

As distinct from releasing new development in carefully contrived ways, or their price-point?? :p

Not a hope.

We are suckers, lick us.

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Osama Bin Laden 39 s death. of

ryme4resonOct 7, 09:30 PMI for one think the current lines of macs are MUCH slower than the current comparable PCs. And to Back to the Mac, you may have heard of piplines and branches etc.. but do you have any idea what you are talking about?
"25 years old arch... the x86 sucks" Well you enjoy OS X and that's 25+ architecture also, so whats your point? Also, I think it is very hard to compare a Dual 1.25 to a single 2 Gig processor. Especially when the price difference is 500-1000+ I mean I would pay for performance, but the Macs are more than that. I am on a 1.6Athlon at school right now and it kicks the **** out of my 933. This 1.6 has 512 Ram I have 1.28GIGS. Simple things like starting Explorer to read macrumors is executed with NO DELAY. Bringing up Control Panels is also instantanious. I dont mind the fact my G-4 is slower, I enjoy OSX and my mac, but as far as speed I think you BACKTOTHEMAC needs to open your eyes.

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of Osama bin Laden 39 s death.

chrono1081Apr 20, 09:31 PMI honestly have no idea how you have the job that you do, because you fail tremendously in this aspect.

I have the job that I do because I know MUCH more about Windows than you do obviously. If you think what I posted above is a bunch of fud then you really don't know anything about Windows OS or manual malware removal. There is all kinds of ways malware can hide and on Windows many times the only way you know its on the system is by finding altered registry keys, but removing the key doesn't remove the malware so you have to manually dig for files. Most of the time you can find them by looking but some malware uses the feature to hide folders completely even if you tell the system to show all files. If you want a prime example of a virus that does this look up and infect your system with Oboma (yes its spelled incorrectly). It went around our workplace all the time and most of the time it used the file hiding technique mentioned above. Another is WD32Silly (or something close to that). Thats another one that always did it. With over 6,000 users to support I see this stuff all the time.

EDIT: This is why tools that access files outside the OS are popular, like BartPE and various other packages. You can see these files if Windows is not booted up and your not plugging the drive into another machine.

Why do they allow the files to be hidden?

Of course if you used Norton you wouldn't have this problem. :D:D:D

Actually....we use Symantec which is the the first scanner we use which doesn't find anything ;) Or, to its credit it will find something, but not remove it (hence how we find out the names half of the time). Honestly though you really want multi-layered scanning. If the program on the computer doesn't catch anything it goes to IT and we scan it with other tools, as a last resort we will manually remove it but if it doesn't work or ends up being to "messy" the machine gets re-imaged.

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to Osama Bin Laden 39 s.

puuukeeySep 12, 04:22 PMI just hope it gets hacked so 3rd parties can add functionality to it. (unlike front row)

video chat
screen savers
3rd party applications
3rd party streaming media formats
keyboard and mouse.
larger remotes.

to Osama bin Laden 39 s death. to Osama bin Laden 39 s death.
to Osama bin Laden 39 s death.

AdrianKApr 6, 11:16 AM- Viewing/deleting files in/modifying/... zipfiles without having to extract them first. In windows, I could just mess around in zipfiles or rars with files. If someone has a good app for that, let me know ;-)

Get Springy. It's literally *the* WinRAR alternative for OS X.

It's nice and Finder-esque. Allows you to view the folder structure inside and extract only the particular files you want. What I really love is the ability to extract only the first part of a multi-archive package, and keep the 'broken' files (great if you're downloading a movie and want to check the quality).

mytdaveMay 2, 11:29 AMWhy does Apple even have the "open safe files after download" option in Safari? If they insist on keeping that "feature" in Safari, the least they could do is have it off by default.

...And this new threat is not a virus. At best, it's a trojan. Still no viruses on MacOS X...

bpaluzziApr 28, 08:43 AMExactly! Desktop shipments still outpace laptop shipments.

Miiiight want to check that out again. Laptops have been outselling desktops since 2008.

rjfiskeSep 20, 03:25 PMIn the case of the DVR, what the heck are you people watching? The last time I saw cable (Dish Network) there were over two hundred channels, and not one thing I wanted to see. I'd much rather pay for a season pass for the one or two shows worth watching than around $60 for cable + Tivo every month.

Yes, I know, that puts me outside the norm. But I can use the time to read a book, cook a good meal, or go running/work out. All better uses of time than sitting in front entertainment programing that is 1/3 ads and 2/3 not worth watching.


I'm not sure I understand your question/comment. You say that a DVR isn't worth it because there are too many channels, and then you say that you don't want to watch advertisements. You seem to be against TV in general, which is fine. However...

The purpose of a DVR answers both of your initial concerns. That is, we have a DVR BECAUSE there's so many channels and BECAUSE there is so many ads. We can watch a 1hr program in 40 minutes, whenever we want, however we want. (don't even get me started on Football games). This (not surprisingly) frees up a tremendous amount of time where we can read, cook, work out, etc. Not once in our 2.5yrs of having TIVO have we had to say, "Sorry we can't do that because 'Survivor' is starting in 5 minutes". There's where the real value of a DVR comes into play. Just my opinion. :)

relimwSep 25, 11:39 PMOoo, maybe the reason for that long delay into October is because they're waiting for enough Clovertowns to become available.... That'd be a nice surprise.

SandynJoshMay 2, 03:44 PMAll macs do have built-in anti-malware:
Don't know how good it is, though.

NOTHING built-in or installed later will protect a computer if the user is stupid.

You, as a user, have to be wary of allowing yourself to do what the malware creator needs you to do to circumvent whatever protection your computer has. Oddly enough, there's a large enough number of village idiots with computers of any OS to make it worth writing malware.

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