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osama in laden terrorist.

Bill McEnaneyMar 27, 04:41 PMHas he published anything in a peer-reviewed scientific journal of high (or even average) standing?
That's your favorite question, isn't it, EH? ;) I'll look for a bibliography.

bin laden terrorist. osama in laden terrorist.
osama in laden terrorist.

NathanMuirMar 25, 09:25 AMSubtract the individuals affiliated with gangs and the mentally unstable and we're staring at a long list of homosexuals murdered by "mainstream" individuals, many of whom attended church on a regular basis and were in fact catholic. That their religious affiliations are not immediately telegraphed is not evidence of absence, but rather of the fact that 76% of the population self-identifies as Christian.

I did not miss the fact that you tried to expand the discussion point. ;)

To stretch my own analogy, it also ignores that the men who put on white hoods and terrorized black people were not "mainstream" white people either, but they were nevertheless acting on the attitudes held by "mainstream" white people. They were radical, but saw themselves as the ones with the strength of will to enforce the true will of the "mainstream." It's all very well to believe that the darkies should keep their place, but somebody's got to do the work of keeping them there when they step out of line.

However, I will return to what I touched on before: the Catholic Church (and Christian churches generally in the United States) currently have no need for terrorist thugs. They have great political influence and have convinced a significant plurality (seemingly no longer a majority, I am gratified to point out) that they are entitled to subjugate others bloodlessly and anonymously through the democratic process.

At least this is so until the courts clearly state once and for all that this is incompatible with our law and our society. Incidentally, that's also when the thugs will really come out, and you watch how many of them claim to be doing the Lord's work.

Unfortunately, none of that is relevant to the original point of the thread. Looking back through the thread, Catholics and Catholicism were/ are the discussion. Not all 'Christians' and the 'mainstream'.

If we constantly expand the topic, none of what was previously said is relevant.

Had a more conservative member of this board attempted to 'stretch' the original point of the thread to included all 'Christians' and the 'mainstream', I would bet my life that ones attempting to 'stretch' the original point of this thread would jump down his or her throat in a second.

bin laden terrorist. osama in laden terrorist
osama in laden terrorist

Mac Fly (film)Sep 21, 12:49 PMSo if you, and everyone else will have a bit of patience, Apple will work their way out to you.
What are you a comedian? Give me a break. I expected this sort of reaction. It's very easy to say that when you're not the one being effected by this.

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osama in laden terrorist

EvangelionJul 12, 06:47 AMWay, costs about $1 for Apple to fix it. Great!

So what?

You cannot put a price tag for components such as CPU and GPU that get updated with every single hardware revision. Yes, in time they become more capable with every revision, but the relative price of such components does not change that much.

So you are saying that dual-core Core Due CPU costs Apple about as much as the G4 did? back when Mini had G4, the CPU was bottom of the barrel, with prices to match. The Core Duo (or solo for that matter) are actually very good CPU's and they do cost more than the G4 did. SO-DIMM is also more expenside than regural DDR-SDRAM is.

The built-in wireless on the other hand is something of extra value; however, Apple cuts its own costs of eliminating an option, so it should not cost the customer that much extra.

Why not? The customer receives more, why shouldn't he pay more for it? "because it doesn't cost that much more to the company!" Well boo-hoo! I bet that a car with 2-liter engine doesn't REALLY cost that much more to make than similar car with 1.6-liter engine, yet we have to pay more for the bigger engine. By your logic they should cost the same?

And how about the remote?

You should compare dollars to dollars when you say one is cheaper than another. You buy items with dollars and that's it. You look at the numbers and say that smaller value is cheaper. Didn't your mother teach you that?

OK, compare the prices then. You will see that you could buy a Mac Mini for $599 back then. And guess what? You can buy a Mac Mini for $599 even today! True, you can't get one for $499, but at this point I feel compelled to ask: So what? Since when did Macs become the rock-bottom computers with prices to match?

Hell, I have been watching some old Stevenotes recently. And I remember him introducing PowerMacs with prices starting at $1499. Why aren't we whining because PowerMacs are more expensive today?

bin laden terrorist. terrorist Osama in Laden
terrorist Osama in Laden

pmzMar 18, 09:13 AMAnd stop making silly assumptions about subjects you know nothing about.

I've had an iPhone for a few years now and have unlimited data.

It's a very clear line to me and many/most people who aren't so stubborn to think of the big picture.

You can only use x amount of data a month using your phone if you're on an unlimited plan. Realistically - even if you're eating as much as you can - there's a "limit" you can reach. Not because of ATT - but because of what your phone can actually access/handle. ATT's bean counters multiply/average out typical usage on a single device basis.

Now if you use that phone to supply 2,3,4 or more devices - you are using data in a way that was not agreed upon and isn't in line with what has been accounted for. If you don't understand this basic concept - there's little I can do. You can not LIKE it. But if you don't understand that there's a difference here - then you're lost.

Conversely - if someone spends money to buy a clearly finite (and smaller) chunk of data - and they want to spread it out however they want - I see little problem with that. The fact that ATT does bothers me. But it's not my problem as I don't have that plan and I don't tether using my iPhone.

This same thread/discussion has happened a million times before. Those that feel "entitled" will argue every excuse under the sun why they should be allowed and how evil ATT is. And those that can see the big picture of cause/effect will be seen by those people as shills or some other name calling word.

And I just LOVE (sarcasm) that people bring up wanting to sue or that they could go to court over this. Whatever happened to taking responsibility for ones own actions.


ATT sold you an iPhone Unlimited Data Plan

Do you understand - it was an IPHONE unlimited data plan. They didn't sell you an unlimited iPhone + laptop + desktop + ipad + other device data plan.

It's always the guilty who shout the loudest because they really have nothing to lose, do they. At best - they might get away with it - at worst, their situation remains the same.

Sounds to me like you're pissed you got caught. That's all that's happening here...

Quite simply, you're wrong, and worse you're creating fantasy. You claim tethering was not agreed upon. What was, exactly? Using safari? What about Opera?

I think not. Get your frigging facts straight before opening your mouth. AT&T screwed up when they offered unlimited data, and they're content to break the law in order to fix their mistake.

bin laden terrorist. Osama Bin Laden, terrorist and
Osama Bin Laden, terrorist and

Dr.GargoyleSep 20, 01:10 PMThat's why I'm ripping my DVDs in H.264/AAC instead of the ever-popular DivX/Xvid or any other AVI/Quicktime nightmare. Too many CODECs.
Hmmm, that makes me wonder if iTunes in a later version will be able to rip DVD's as well as Cd's.

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in Laden. The terrorist

clintobOct 25, 10:26 PMThis is starting to sound like the war of the razors...

Anyone remember when the Mach-3 came out, and everyone thought "wow... three blades. that's a lot!" Now we're up to FIVE... and an extra one on the back.

Just more proof positive that when it comes to Apple you should buy when you need, and enjoy what you've got, cause in two months it'll be replaced anyway.

... okay, I'm done. Eight cores is pretty wild. ;)

bin laden terrorist. terrorist, Osama in Laden
terrorist, Osama in Laden

wordoflifeMar 13, 01:48 AMI hope the best for Japan. The pictures and videos are very horrifying and saddening.

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in laden terrorist bin laden

Simm0nS777Mar 18, 12:46 PMHow the hell do you propose they implement an "Hey, it's cool if you tether with your unlimited, since you're just browsing forums" policy? Because, you know what? Not everyone tethering on unlimited is as cool as you.

Maybe if they make everyone pinky swear on it?

I just dont get why all you are acting like children about it. Who cares? what is your 3G download speed gonna go up by .00001?

I see people who claim they have used like 80 gigs in a month. Do I care and cry that ATT should do something about it so they can "clear" up the network for me? No I dont give a crap. My speeds are great even with all that. ATT introducing tethering is MUCH worse than the select few who jailbreak and tether.

bin laden terrorist. Osama Bin Laden, terrorist
Osama Bin Laden, terrorist

Eric5h5Jul 12, 04:16 AMI doubt that Apple are able to charge the "normal" Mac premium after the intel transition, since it is much simpler to compare Macs with another PCs.

Er...have you seen the MacBook Pro pricing? The MacBook pricing? The iMac pricing? The Mini pricing? (Which went UP by a fair amount). If you're thinking that x86 processors are cheaper than PPC, you're sadly mistaken. Cheap computers being cheap has just about nothing whatsoever to do with the CPU....


bin laden terrorist. osama in laden terrorist.
osama in laden terrorist.

econgeekApr 12, 10:49 PMHAHAHA One-click CC. you are funny or... well you know what.

I think I'm supposed to feel insulted by your ignorance. but I don't. If you want to make a counter argument, you can start by being honest about what I was saying.

bin laden terrorist. osama in laden terrorist
osama in laden terrorist

awmazzMar 15, 10:59 AMI don't think you understand

What the hell are you talking about? You don't even make any sense.

Do you have the slightest inkling..? Do you have an inkling ..?

Do you think the reactor is a jar of cookies?

Any idea?

you think 9/11 was a hoax too, right?

Might need an extra layer of tinfoil on that hat of yours.

who would try to build a lousy wall to combat that?

Are you sure they weren't mistaking a levy for a "tsunami wall"?

You're really being out of line.

No, of course he didn't. If he tried to, he surely didn't understand it.

I think you're a very paranoid individual

I'm guessing you also don't understand

I haven't seen you try to take down any of the nuclear experts posted, or address a single bit of science

I don't even know why I waste my time.

I know exactly why you waste your time. Because it makes you feel intellectually superior.

Like I said. You may know atomics. I know people. :cool:

bin laden terrorist. terrorist, Osama in Laden
terrorist, Osama in Laden

OllyWApr 21, 07:06 AMI struggle with the LTE angle mainly due to the fact in the UK we haven't even got visual voicemail working on the iPhone 4

Speak for yourself, it works on mine. :p

bin laden terrorist. Osama in Laden, the criminal
Osama in Laden, the criminal

liavmanApr 15, 10:02 AMYou could make the argument that a certain amount of bullying is actually a good thing because it forces kids to develop a thick skin and learn how to deal with aggressive and negative people.

Not the kind of bullying that leads to suicide.

bin laden terrorist. Bin Laden Dead, Killed In
Bin Laden Dead, Killed In

Rt&DzineMar 14, 07:35 PMAnd as long as humans are in charge of designing, building, and maintaining them, there will be errors.

bin laden terrorist. osama in laden terrorist
osama in laden terrorist

AndroidfoLifeApr 9, 02:50 PMNintendo and Sony beg to differ....

Here is an easy way to explain it. You can heat a slice of bread in a toaster and a microwave oven. Are you going to say microwaves compeat with toasters now. When they do not heat bread the same way.

bin laden terrorist. Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden

UggApr 15, 11:10 AMWhat are you talking about? If you're talking about the Apple employees, this issue is obviously something that's very personal, real, and long-lasting for them. It's hardly a "hip" or "trendy" thing. If you're just talking about society (or the MacRumors forum), I don't understand that either. Many people are bullied, sure. But what's wrong with focusing on this particular group? There has been a recent spate in teen suicides due to teasing surrounding their sexual orientation.

Many people are suffering, so we shouldn't bring up the Tsunami in Japan? Wars occur all the time, so we shouldn't try to stop the genocide in Darfur?

That's what's so sad. Victims are victims no matter where they live.

One thing I find encouraging is that so many social moderates are coming out and saying, "Hey, enough of the gayness already." That means that the message is finally getting across.

It will take more videos, more personal appeals by "real" people but I think we're finally at a point where being gay is ok.

It's sad that caliber can't see it that way. I think he's simply too young to understand what a struggle it has been since Stonewall.

bin laden terrorist. poster OSAMA BIN LADEN

MacRumorsMar 18, 01:23 AM (

bin laden terrorist. against Osama in Laden,
against Osama in Laden,

needthephoneApr 21, 06:28 AMPlease explain to me how I am experiencing a "degraded" experience on my current Android phone?

I can do everything your iPhone can, plus tether at no additional cost and download any song I want for free.

Ease of use in Android is just as simple as an iPhone, with the ability to customize IF YOU SO PLEASE.

So if you would, cut the degraded experience crap.

So you can steal artists property. Tell me how you can justify that? Nothing to do with android or ios but please tell me how you can justify stealing. Its the same as going into a shop and taking something. Sure nothing will happen immediately but I guarantee you will pay for it.

I live in a country of excess. Excuse me if I don't weep at night because Kanye West or Lil Wayne are missing out on my $1+ for their songs.

If an artist isn't mainstream, I'll gladly pay for their music to support it. But since my musical tastes tend to gravitate towards major artists, I don't think twice when I torrent their albums.

Sorry that's like saying I only steal from big manufactures like Heinz or Kellogs.


tigress666Apr 9, 12:36 AMI got far more enjoyment out of Infinity Blade for 6 dollars than I did out of Pilot Wings Resort 3DS for 40 dollars...just sayin.

They want 40 dollars for *that*? I went to go play with a 3DS and it had the pilot wings resort game. It came off as a very cheapy game (I was wishing they had something more interesting as a demo *sigh*)...

I have several games on my iphone that I'd play for a lot longer including some puzzle games (boxed in, Sudoko, Myst), some that were ported over (Final Fantasy II, Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed), simulators (Asphalt 5, Need for Speed Shift). The most expensive of those was FFII at 8 or so dollars (and I got it on sale for 5!), and some were free (Sudoko, Boxed In) and many were .99 (on sale. If you like Gameloft games such as PoP and Assassin's Creed and Asphalt 5, if you wait and watch you can generally get them for a buck *grin*).

And that's just the ones I've started (Squaresoft and Gameloft both had sales recently so I picked up 5 or 6 games, mostly rpgs, all for less than 20 bux plus still have some other Gameloft games i bought I haven't gotten to, like Hero of Spartan II. Plus I got Riven for 3 dollars).

Yeah, sure, no touch controls. But the controls are decent enough that they don't take too much away from the fun and the games are still fun and I'll take the slightly less good controls for the much bigger difference in price. Especially if they are charging 40 dollars for something like Pilot Wings resort, something I'd probably only put on my iphone if they had it free for a day.

Anyways, I won't trade my iphone for the 3Ds even just for gaming purposes. Unless the 3DS actually gets good games, but in general I usually find Nintendo gets cheesy crap. I think I'd be much more excited over Sony's new handheld whenever it comes out. But, my iphone is good enough and it is a lot more portable (it's smaller than either and will fit in my pocket) and the games are cheaper so I'm happy enough with it. If i had disposable income I might consider the Sony as well (maybe, it looks kinda sizable and I honestly like my iphone as a gaming machine partly cause it is small enough to go everywhere with me as it fits in my purse. Shoot, all the games can easily come with me too cause I don't have to carry a bunch of cartridges, they're already loaded in).

rovexMar 12, 08:20 AMEr,China leads the world in Nuclear generation design (not that I'm saying this is a good thing).

Let's put things into perspective...

60% of china's electricity is generated through the burning of coal - a heavy pollutant, which is not a renewable source. Thus not viable.

china has 9 nuclear power plants which account for 2% of chinas energy, whilst France has 59 plants accounting for 80% of the country's energy. And Nuclear power IS a viable form of energy in contrast to coal. And fundamentally better for the environment (although not totally unharmful).

MacCoasterOct 12, 06:11 PMPCUser:

Thanks! Didn't think about clock()!

Though, that gives me 100.8 seconds (assuming 10.08 seconds) when it ran in 10 seconds. Didn't you mean to divide by ten?

WestonHarvey1Apr 15, 10:11 AMNo. What I wanted to say is that fat persons CAN do something against that condition, but homosexuals can't. Obviously. So they deserve such actions like It Gets Better more than fat people. In my honest opinion.

But are you saying homosexuals should change it if they could?

WestonHarvey1Apr 15, 12:06 PMReally? ;)

So I can have same-sex sex and it is just as OK (in the eyes of the Catholic Church) for me and my partner as it is for a straight couple to have sex?


I don't think so� But nice try anyway.
Ah, semantics.
Of course most people (and I am sure good Catholics) equate it with sexual abstinance.

What are you talking about? Don't blame your ignorance on semantics. Try understanding what you read first.

If you are talking about an unmarried straight couple, then yes, you can have same-sex sex and it's "just as OK", i.e., equally not OK.

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