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Rod Osama bin Laden song.

*LTD*Apr 28, 08:05 AMThen they should include it in such #'s when it WILL be one not while it's not don't you think?

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osama bin laden song.

Bill McEnaneyMar 27, 09:47 PMDr. Spitzer is an intelligent, nonreligious psychiatrist who believes that some can change their sexual orientations.

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osama bin laden song.

theBBSep 12, 04:52 PMI don't want to watch movies on my computer, so this sounds like a great product. I assume I can hook a USB drive with movies or music and download iTunes products directly to that same drive without a need for a computer. If I hook iTV to ethernet, maybe that drive can even become a file server of some sort. I can justify the cost of iTV if I can use it as a music streaming device, print server and file server. Let's see how many of these features will actually be there. :)

However, the price point for movies is wrong for me. I started using Netflix instead of going to Blockbuster, because of price and wider selection. Apple's offer is more than double the price for a movie, even without the cost of iTV unless I watch them twice or more. Apple's library is bound to be smaller for a long time to come as well. I guess instant gratification is the only saving grace. Well, considering I've never bought a TV show or music video, maybe I am not in the target audience anyways.

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FX120Mar 13, 05:53 PMI love when people don't read threads....

this was already posted, way to go...

Molten salt is an interesting concept, but of course it requires you to more than double the size of your array for an equivalent "24" hour average power output. Molten salt storage also doesn't scale very well into large arrays.

And you're still back to relying on gas, coal, oil, or nuclear to fill in when the sun isn't shining.

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osama bin laden song. death of

EraserheadMar 16, 01:49 PMOther than for aeroplanes oil isn't subsidised here in communist Europe - in fact its heavily taxed.

Coal and Natural Gas aren't subsidised either.

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mostmanSep 20, 03:42 PMThe iTV makes the elgato eyetv hybrid even more appealing. :)

Use it to record your shows and then stream it to the iTV.

-bye bye comcast DVR.

what about calling it the iStream (ha)

Well.... not quite.

You see the ElGato stuff does not decode digital channels. Not only that, they can't even control your Comcast cable box to tell it to change the channel. So any channel that is digital (>125) you are going to have to manually change before recording.

Sound appealing? No, of course not.

This is the reason solutions like ElGato have not really caught on yet. Add a cable card system and its game over.


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osama bin laden song. in laden

pirateRACEApr 13, 09:04 AMAs a FC editor I'm excited. I can't wait to see what is in store for the rest of the suite.

If it's not your cup of tea, then keep rocking your current version. Amazing films, TV and web material has been made with it.

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Edge100Apr 15, 11:33 AMAll I'm doing is trying to argue that sure, there's plenty of stuff in there you're going to disagree with. And that's fine and I'm sure you'd have a lot of compelling arguments to refute the points.

But it's not *hateful*. I don't see how a rational being could find that hateful. That's just something that shuts down discussion and mischaracterizes an opponent.

It is hateful to trivialize a person's identity; to claim that homosexuality is a "trial", that must be overcome. It's dehumanizing, and it's hateful.

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osama bin laden dead or alive.

SilentwaveJul 11, 11:22 PMthere's no way apple's going to use woodcrest in the upcoming powermac rev because there are no motherboards for socket 771 (woodcrest) that support anything above pci express 8x. powermac's are going to be high end workstations for print, graphics, and media shops, 8x pci express won't cut it.

look around at all the motherboard manufacturers (nvidia, ati, asus, msi, etc) none of them have a woodcrest platform available. apple always uses some other motherboard vendor like supermicro.

the only way i see this happening is if apple ships the powermac in 2007 when the socket 771 boards start using 16x pci express.

just wondering, have you not seen my posts on the dell workstation? that has dual woodcrests, and, be still my heart 16X PCI EXPRESS! :) That's how it has the quadro FX 4500 video card. And you can even get a version that has a riser for a 2nd PCI-Express 16X slot so you can have 2x the Quadro 4500!

Also, According to the articles on the appleinsider site, apple has had INTEL doing the logic board.

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leekohlerMar 26, 01:04 AMProve why I should be denied the right to copulate in public, and think of the children is not an acceptable answer

WTF? Who said that anyone should be copulating in public? You have completely lost this argument at this point. Not to mention your mind...This has just gotten stupid.

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koobcamukApr 9, 12:04 AMThese people are fleeing the "yellow light of death� on PS3 or "red ring of death' on 360.

That's a complete joke, surely? There's no way you can compare console gaming, in basically a home arcade, to swiping your fingers around on a 3.5" screen. No way. I am a gamer, and always will be.

Gaming on the iPhone is good for 2-minute bursts, such as when sitting on the toilet. It's not a great games device. Most of the games are cheap with no replay value.

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Osama Bin Laden Song

latergator116Mar 20, 09:21 PMI do not want to enter the "debate" about whether or not DRM and copyright laws are "good" or "bad." But for everyone who believes that the creation of this software was a good thing I would like to suggest that you put your efforts into more productive things, like starting a legal defense fund for that poor individual(s) who helped create the PyMusique software.

I'd just about be willing to bet that federal law enforcement agents will be knocking on his/her door within the next few weeks. No doubt, if Apple wants to press this issue those individuals could be charged with some violation of the DMCA or laws covering internet commerce . I suppose that they could even be charged in a civil suit for violation of the iTunes Terms Of Service agreement.

Seriously, if it is true that some of these people live in the U.S. and they've used their true identities then they could be headed for real trouble. Get their legal team ready (and, of course, I know you'll all be contributing money for their defense). :)

I doubt Apple would waste their time and go after and sue the people who used this program and broke the iTunes contract. It seems like a relatively trivial matter. (But after looking at their thinksecret lawsuit, I don't know).

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narcoMar 18, 11:01 AMHow long before the CEO of Napster writes a letter to the RIAA about this? Talk about karma.

But it's still not as bad as Napster's dilemma. With iTunes, you still have to actually BUY the song for this to work. Not everyone who purchases songs from iTunes will take out the DRM, most people don't even mind or know it's there to begin with.


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quot Who is Osama bin Laden.

wdogmediaAug 29, 02:43 PMThe heat from our major cities and towns go into the atmosphere, decrease O-zone protection, which in turn makes the sun shine stronger and melts our ice caps. But there are other reasons that i dont feel like explaining. If you want to know it.

Interesting cyclical logic....heat makes the sun shine stronger....hmmmm. I think what you're trying to say is that methods for creating electricity put pollutants in the atmosphere, which is true.

So....should we just not heat our homes then? You first.

Even early man built fires to stay warm.

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in laden song. Osama Bin

damnyooneekOct 7, 06:14 PMits going to happen since its so open and so many brands are putting it into their phones.

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osama bin laden song. in laden

whateverOct 25, 10:44 PMI just got my mac pro a month and a half ago.
Don't worry about it.

There is no reason for Apple to change the MacPro line at this point. Maybe in January, but even then I doubt it.

Intel is just trying to bury AMD, which they are (AMD closed at $20.83 (just think a few months ago they were trading over $40.00) and Intel closed at $21.72 (a few months ago they were trading at $16.00)).

Apple said it last week, Pros are waiting for CS3 before they upgrade, so expect to hear the announcement of upgraded Mac Pros once Adobe finishes up their applications.

Besides wasn't there a thread a few weeks back which stated that the 8 Core machines run slower than the Quads?

Don't worry about it. I know that my new MacPro has already paid for itself.

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Osama bin laden song.

BenRoethigOct 26, 09:04 AMI wonder if the current MacPro will finally be the first Mac where we could swap out the actual processor for the new quad. Didn't Barefeats or somebody do a test on that already?

The intel machines use intel standard parts. No proprietary CPU riser cards or what have you. If you can get to the CPU, that is.

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MachooJun 15, 06:02 PMI live in good ole sunny California, down south. I don't have any troubles with dropped calls and I couldn't be happier with my at&t service. I am also totally stoked that the same company will be letting me upgrade early to the iphone 4. How awesome. I wish people all over the country had the same experience that I have that way maybe at&t wouldn't take so much grief for poor service.

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osama bin laden song. ,eminem

Bill McEnaneyMar 26, 02:23 AMHard to tell that, when you quote one of the critics in your post. :rolleyes:
I just love the :cool: expression on this :rolleyes: guy's sarcastic face. Thanks. :D

Rt&DzineMar 13, 05:29 PMNot really. Chernobyl has an estimated death toll of 4000. Let's multiply that by 10 for arguments sake. More people are killed each year in the US alone by car accidents. Nuclear power is still a fairly minor risk.

Huh? I agreed with you that there are more car accident deaths. But just as I said Chernobyl is an estimated death toll. My point is many deaths from a nuclear accident aren't known. I personally know someone who died from the effects of Chernobyl who wasn't included in the estimation. I'm sure there are many, many more.

greenstorkSep 12, 06:50 PMThank you!
Finally. Most people are not getting it.
The only thing keeps me from screaming of excitement is IF the wireless stream will be perfect. If Apple can make it work, I'll do exactly what you have described above. Elgato will be my next purchase at the same time I'll buy ITV.

Have fun sitting down to your computer to record shows. I get the vision, I reallly do, and I wanted Apple to pull it off better than anyone. But having to record HD content from one piece of hardware, convert it on my computer, load it onto iTunes and stream it to another piece of hardware (iTV) isn't exactly user friendly. The fact of the matter is, Apple doesn't really want you recording TV. So, while not impossible, you do have to jump through a few hoops. Having used TiVo for years, I would never convert to such a complicated system. If Apple had a DVR, they'd also have my business.

SodnerApr 21, 01:42 PMThis entire thread is hilarious.

May be it's time to let the Android users in on the joke:

You are all owners of iphones.

Whatever is different from a real iphone is just a cover up by Apple.

They ousted Schmitt from the board of directors and gave him the phone number for the retired dude in Mexico who was on the iphone development team.

They then promised that guy a permanent cure from "Montezuma's Revenge" (rampant in Mexico)if he would only share his expertise on the iphone.

Trouble is he doesn't remember all the iphone details, so what you get with the Android is an iphone with whatever he can remember.

Some manufacturers are trying to fill in the blanks or give these things for FREE so nobody can really complain. (They do, see my sig below)

In summary, thank you all for using iphones with different names and recognizing that ONLY APPLE put a device together you all love now .

It makes for fun reading:-)

Copy on dudes and Happy Easter!:-)

Amen, hallelujah, someone pass they Tylenol. :apple:

Mr.GadgetSep 25, 11:35 PMExactly... Now I have to wait even longer to jump into the Mac foray... I'm holding on until these 8-ways come out... I hope it is soon!

I know there isn't much point as I won't need that horsepower, but the bang for buck is what keeps me holding on just a little longer. No way am I waiting until Christmas though! :-)

mattwolfmattMay 5, 10:43 AMEvery time it happens (I seem to get a string of dropped calls about once a month) I call ATT customer support. They talk as if this is unheard of and "we'll get this fixed right away". So far they have replaced my SIM card for free; they said the next step is a new phone.

I was hoping for a reduction in monthly price. We'll see.

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